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Stephan Schrader

  • Concert:

Friday 22 July, 18:30, Park & Read, Parco Ciani (in case of bad weather, Teatro Foce)

  • Workshop:

Saturday 23 July, 9:30 – 12:30, Teatro Foce



How many cellos can you play at the same time?  Stephan Schrader is convinced that the answer is not “one.”  As cello soloist of the Hannover Staatstheater and member of the German Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Schrader also teaches cello at the Hochschule für Künste of Bremen, is a member of the Davidoff Trio and baroque cellist of the Ensemble Parnassi Musici. Other various on-going projects include playing in duo with jazz pianist Felix Elsner in The Bird Variations (a tribute to Charlie Parker), presenting musical “nocturnes” with John Henn in the project Steve and Henk:  “Nachts im Viertel", and, he has fun playing lots of cellos simultaneously! How?  Easy, by connecting a three-hundred-year-old technology with the technology of today:  an 18th century cello and a modern “loop station,” an electronic device that registers an acoustic track—a sound—and repeats it continuously until the performer decides to stop it.  In this way it’s possible to record a new track on top of the first, and have this double one repeat itself, for as many times as the loop station allows.  Stephan experiments with his cello connected to the loop playing a Tourdion (an early French dance similar to the galliard) or the second movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, or even improvising on the famous Musicanti de Brema…moving smoothly from baroque to blues, country or rock. His pieces are constructed like a building, one floor on top of the other: every new musical line is superimposed on the previous one, eventually completing the bass line, the rhythm, harmony and finally the melody, until it sounds like an entire orchestra of cellos.  And whoever thinks it’s child’s play must remember that the recorded melodies must intersect perfectly and by means of a pedal keyboard must be perfectly synchronized.  It’s a technique that everyone present at Parco Ciani can admire for all its originality and which will be explained in detail the following day to the participants in the workshop (in collaboration with the Nicolo Paganini Legacy.)



Transcending the genres of classical music, pop, folk and others the virtuos and humorous cellist and looper Stephan Schrader from Bremen creates magical soundscapes, swinging arrangements of well-known music and multiphonic improvisations in an entertainig show.

Get a good place to watch Stephan’s playful use of the numerous pedals and footswitchers that sorround him and his wonderful cello!



The German cellist Stephan Schrader will show how to connect a cello to a loop station (a device able to repeat continuously little musical segments extemporaneously recorded). He will also show how to play pop, country and rock songs, as well as recreate classical extracts from Beethoven or Dvorak Symphonies.
(Saturday 23 July, 9:30 – 12:30, Teatro Foce)