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Sunday 14 July 2013, 20:30, Teatro Foce


L’Achéron, Consort de Violes de Gambe

François Joubert-Caillet, Viola da gamba soprano
Andreas Linos, Viola da gamba tenor
Robin Pharo, Viola da gamba basso
Lucile Boulanger, Viola da gamba basso



In Greek mythology, the Acheron is the river of the Underworld on which Charon ferries the souls of the Dead to Hell, the very river Orpheus crosses to look for Eurydice. Nourished by this symbol, l’Acheron – Consort de Violes de Gambe is willing to open up a way in-between two apparently opposed worlds: living and dead, past and present, imagination and reality.

Tonight’s programme, Imago Mundi, is a journey taking us from late Renaissance to the early Baroque period that unveils the profound influence of Italian music in Europe. Through a wide range of musical forms of the time, such as the Canzona, Fantasia, Sonata, Dances and Durezze we will discover the great versatility of the consort repertoire.

Already invited to play in several festivals in France and Europe, L'Achéron is made up of a young generation attempting to bring forth its fundamental characteristics, reinterpreting original works and instruments with the greatest respect, though remaining as authentic and as accessible as possible to today’s audience. The blending of musicological and organological researches and the understanding of the artistic message feeding the intellectual, sensorial and spiritual curiosities of the audience.





Giovanni Gabrieli (ca. 1555-1612)
Canzona per sonar 

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643)
Canzon sopra Rugier 

Giovanni Maria Trabaci (1575-1647)
Canto Fermo Quarto, Durezze et Ligature, Gagliarda seconda 



Pierre Phalèse (1510-1573)
Passomezzo d'Italie 

Etienne Moulinié (1599-1669)
Fantaisie en sol 

Pierre Phalèse



Melchior Franck (1580-1639)

Valentin Haussmann (c.1550-c.1614)
Fuga Prima 

Melchior Franck



John Ward (1589-1638)
Fantasia in C 

Alfonso Ferrabosco II (1575-1628)
Fantasia in G 

Thomas Lupo (1571-1627)
Fantasia in a 

Giovanni Coperario (1570-1626)
Fantasia in C 



Antonio de Cabezon (1510-1566)
Galliarda Milanese 

Pablo Bruna (1611-1679)
Tiento de Falsas 

Tiento de Batalla



Giovanni Paolo Cima (1570-1622)
Sonata a 4 

Girolamo Frescobaldi
Toccata di Durezze e Ligature 

Giovanni Legrenzi (1626-1690)
Sonata in d