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Christine Walevska

Wednesday 10 July 2013, 20:30, Teatro Foce
Christine Walevska, violoncello
Milano Chamber Orchestra,
Christian Bellisario, direttore


Il violoncello firmato


Back from a long and acclaimed tour in Japan, Christine Walevska will perform again on the stage of the LongLake Classica Festival.
Accompanied by the Milan Chamber Orchestra she will perform works that somehow tell about her encounters with exceptional musicians along her prestigious career.

The five Pièce en Concert by François Couperin, transcribed for cello by Paul Bazelaire, bring us back to the time when Christine was Maurice Maréchal’s favourite student at the Paris Conservatoire.

The renowned Argentine cellist with Italian origins (he was born in Udine in 1915) José Bragato, who played with Astor Piazzolla, composed his Milontan expressly for Christine Walevska and arranged for her most of the pieces of today’s concert.

The “Preghiera di un violoncello” is the work of another amazingly fine composer: Ennio Bolognini. Casals praised Bolognini as the greatest cello talent he had ever heard in his life, whereas Feuermann said that Bolognini was a better cellist than Casals, Pitatigorsky or himself. While still a teen-ager Ennio had the privilege of performing "The Swan" with Saint-Saëns himself at the piano; and the Richard Strauss cello sonata, also with the composer. He dedicated his works to Christine Walevska giving to her the exclusive right to perform them! 




V. Kalinnikov
Serenade per archi

F. Couperin
Pièces en Concert (arr. P.Bazelaire)

La Tromba
Air de Diable

José Bragato

G. Holst
S.Paul's Suite op. 29 n. 2


Jig: Vivace
Ostinato: Presto
Intermezzo: Andante con moto
Finale (The Dargason): Allegro


C. W. Gluck

E. Bolognini
Preghiera di un Violoncello

P. I. Tschaikowsky
None but the Lonely Heart

M. Ravel

L. Janacek
Suite per orchestra d’archi

Andante con moto

l violoncello di Ennio Bolognini